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Scarlett's BPD Corner

So, as you know, I’m still awake. I’ve been up all night. I feel a bit tired but okay. It’s a sunny day but I don’t plan to go outside. It feels good to be awake so early. I can hear seagulls outside. I’m experimenting with binaural beats, trying those videos for creative, focus, studying, etc. Once I wrote a poem while listening to a track on YouTube. I listen if the track is pleasant if it makes me feel good. Everything is evolving, ever so rapidly. I feel like I’m falling behind. I think I won’t fall behind because I use different platforms and enjoying using new apps and programs. But I’m falling behind in knowledge and work. That’s something I need to change.

I’ve been thinking a lot, as usual.  If I let go of my habit, I will give room to new positive energy to come into…

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