Anxiety and me

Saphire and Rose

So many times I’ve gone to write about anxiety and my story but decided not to for one reason or another.Never knowing if I’m ready to talk about it. But on this lazy Sunday,I thought I’d tell you my story.maybe it will help someone feel less alone.Maybe it will help someone’s recovery.I now realise there is a life after anxiety and I’m ready to live it.

It all started 7 years ago.I had postnatal depression after my first daughter was born.I was living abroad and just not coping well being away from my family whi were living inl ondon and having a language barrier. About 8 months after moving abroad I went back to London to visit family.I stayed for 2 weeks or so and realised how much I miss being around the chaos, but I had to leave to go back to my now home.So i booked my flight…

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