Chicken Wings and Love

Although my journey of light, love, laughs, and hugs has only recently begun, I’ve already learned so much and I’ve met some incredible people. And I wanted to share with you what I’ve learned so far.


1. There are some great people, there are some misunderstood people, and there are people that are just plain hateful.


Unfortunately, sometimes it will seem as though there are more hateful people than great. When you find those great ones though, submerge yourself in their light and love. They were brought into your life for a reason and if you allow yourself to let those people into your life and open your heart, you’ll begin to see things a little differently.

I use to mistake people hurting on the inside with those that are just hateful. I use to shake and cry when I knew I had to interact with these individuals. My view has completely changes as I now try to remember to be compassionate and understanding because they are probably going through struggles unknown to me. The last thing they need is for someone else to let them down or fail them.

I no longer waste my energy on the hateful ones. Although a couple of them will be in my life for an extended period of time, this does not mean it is a permanent state. Everything is temporary. And although I have to bear their hatefulness for a little while longer it does not mean that I have to lose my voice or sacrifice spending time with my family and friends. Again, I no longer waste my energy on them. That potentially wasted energy is now redirected to my family and friends that appreciate what I have to offer.

2. I’ve learned that I shouldn’t be so hard on myself. On this journey, I’ve slipped up a couple of times.

For example, I am attempting to adopt a vegan diet and have attempted the #7dayveganchallenge. I made it to day 6 and I was feeling great.

I was feeling amazing.


That was until my husband grilled some mouthwatering wings!


As I took my first bite, I started to harass myself in my head.

And you know what I chose to do?

I shut those voices up.

I decided that it’s okay and I can start again the next day and if I wanted to enjoy a damn wing, then I would enjoy a damn wing. I wasn’t hurting anyone (except maybe the chicken).

Don’t be so hard on yourself and learn to not only forgive others, but also learn how to forgive yourself.

3. I’ve learned that love is a much greater force than I ever realized.

I attempt to show love to everyone I encounter. And this demonstration of love has already paid off 10 fold. I’ve not only met some new wonderful life-long friends as a result of my decision to show love everyday, this new lifestyle has also manifested rewards in other ways as well.

For example, I was checking out at a local store. I spoke and treated the cashier as though she was an old family friend and had her smiling and laughing. I didn’t expect anything in return for this warm encounter.

However, apparently she had been having a crappy day. After ringing up my entire purchase, she said that I was the nicest person she met all day and to hold on. I said thanks and okay. When she came back, she scanned a piece of paper and I ended getting an extra 25% off of my entire total and it wasn’t a cheap shopping trip.

I know that if I had my nose stuck in my phone versus taking the time to chat with her, this would not have happened.




  • Some people are just misunderstood, but don’t waste your energy on the hateful.
  • Don’t be so hard on yourself.
  • And always practice compassion, empathy, and love.

Those are just a few of the things I’ve learned since I’ve started this journey.

I would love to hear from you if you’re on a similar journey and challenges and changes you’ve experienced along the way.

Tons of love and light to you, dear reader.

– Brown Eyed Princess


One thought on “Chicken Wings and Love

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  1. Your summary points are priceless. Most people are too fast too judge – if someone is misunderstood, you have to probe a little, ask questions, listen to understand, not just respond. You at least have to give people a chance. Like you they have at least one flaw – they are only human.

    Yes we are often our own worst enemy. We say things to ourselves, we would never say to anyone else. We create unobtainable goals and chastise ourselves when we fail. Cut yourself some slack, your are only human and imperfect. The great Maya Angelou said “Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better”

    There are really only 2 choices in life; Love or Hate. Buddha spoke of Cherishing Love; where you see all others as precious and important, and that their happiness and inner peace matters. Love, compassion, kindness, understanding and patience are the light out of the darkness.

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