Cube Life

Tomorrow I return to my little cube. I will sit alongside with my other cube mates and wonder if this office lifestyle, that we’ve bought into and adopted, is slowly killing them too. For 8 or more hours a day we sit on our asses in front of a computer. We weren’t made to sit in front of a computer for 8 hours a day. We were made to be out in nature, exploring and experiencing life. But we’ve been tricked into thinking that if we can land a 9 – 5 then we’ve got it made.


I have friends on all ends of the spectrum and let me tell you something. The happiest people I know aren’t those who have a steady 9 – 5 while raking in that green paper. These individuals would much rather spend their time in the office, away from their families and away from nature just to make that next buck.


What good is a dollar if it slowly eats away at your soul… There has to be more to this life than the cookie cutter 9 – 5. I crave adventure. So I’ve made it my mission for this year to find my reason, my purpose if you will, because I know it’s not to be bound and retained in a dimly lit office building with mundane individuals day in and day out.



I need positivity.

I need light.

And most of all, I need love.

And I will find it.

Somehow. Some way.


What do you crave in life?

– Brown Eyed Princess


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