The Day: Part 1

I have a great memory. The kind of memory that remembers everything, but the most prominent things being random facts. One specific example of this was a time my dad and I visited a place I hadn’t been to in 14 years and I was very young the last time I had. We passed by a random gas station and right away I knew we had stopped there before. On cue the random fact came out “dad, we’ve been there before. I got a turkey and cheese sandwich and you used the payphone outside to call grammy”. My dad looked at me….as most people do…..shocked and asked me how the hell I remembered that. See, random facts.

The mind is an interesting thing. Sometimes I can recall things at the time I need them but most of my memories are triggered by something. An image, a sound, a smell, a similar situation, a place…etc. Sometimes they are super vivid memories like I can close my eyes and be in that moment again and other times the details are faded.

The memory that I currently have in mind was the vivid type. I can remember EXACTLY what I was wearing. Jeans, my favorite pair of jeans. A brand new pair of jeans from American Eagle. They were dark wash and boot cut which fit perfectly over my Sperry top siders that I had recently gotten for my birthday. We never got brand name things so these were special. Lastly, I had on a tie dyed t-shirt I had made at a friends church camp 2 years prior and my freshman year high school soccer hoodie. We had just gotten them and I couldn’t stop wearing it. It was grey with a baby blue soccer ball on the front and I was proud of that hoodie. I was proud to be a part of a team that I had worked hard to make. However, I remember this ensemble so vividly because today was The Day.

The Day I realized the environment I was growing up in was NOT normal. NOT ok….not even close.



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