It’s Okay Daddy

My husband caught our son just as he broke a bedroom door knob. Of course, it was an accident, and my husband said as his eyes met with our son’s eyes he could see so much hurt and he offered the most genuine and sweetest sorry he has ever heard. He said in that moment he knelt down to our son’s level, gave him the tightest hug, and whispered, “It’s ok, buddy. Daddy can fix it.” He said in that very moment our son hugged him even tighter…

As my husband sat with our little man in the glider that we rocked him in for the past 3 years, I witnessed my son kiss my husband on the forehead in the sweetest, most loving way. As my son placed his head on his daddy’s shoulder, I caught a glimpse of tears in my husband’s eyes. My son felt his daddy’s sadness and his tiny kiss said… “it’s ok daddy” and his tiny head on his daddy’s shoulder said…  “I can fix it.”

After placing our son down to bed, I embraced my husband because anyone who knows him also knows that he does not cry… for anything. As we stood embraced he whispered, “that’s all I ever wanted from my dad.” This confession was completely unexpected.

All he ever wanted was for his father to hug him in those moments where you feel your world is about to fall apart, even over the smallest mistakes. All he wanted from his father was to be loved and wanted and seen and heard.

Tonight made me realize how easy it is to assume that someone is fine. People, especially those that are hurting on the inside, hide their emotions so well. Everyone has a breaking point though and for the first time, I saw my husband’s breaking point.

And as we embraced for a moment longer, I whispered to my husband, “we have to do better than our parents did for us and you did exactly that.”

– Brown Eyed Princess


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  1. I was never very close to my own father. He left my mother to provide the affection, and something was always missing in our father/son relationship.
    Glad to hear that your husband and son are on the right track.
    Thanks for following my blog, which is much appreciated.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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    1. Thank you, Pete. It was a very moving and touching moment. I’m sorry to hear about your father. I’m just so glad that my husband recognizes his feelings and chose to do something about it rather than just ignore them. He’s not a “feely” type of guy so I do believe that this is something that really hurt him to his core. It was such a heartbreaking yet beautiful moment. Thanks for taking the time to read.

      – Brown Eyed Princess

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