Book Review: My Courage to Tell by Laura E. Corbeth

51eVPjLvlNLWell, looking back, sometimes family is the best thing that can happen to you and sometimes family is the worst thing that can happen to you.” – Laura E. Corbeth, My Courage to Tell

Laura Corbeth’s book, My Courage to Tell, is beautifully written harrowing story of one child’s (Laura) struggle with psychological and emotional abuse brought upon her by the hands of her brother. Laura takes her readers on an emotional and informative journey.

Married to a loving and protective husband and mother to a beautiful son, Laura thought the abuse she endured as a child could be forgotten as she moved on with her life. However, life threw a curve ball at Laura and she soon found herself going down an unexpected path when she received word of a death in the family. The unexpected circumstances surrounding the death would require her to face her abuser as an adult and revisit her childhood memories and emotions that were cast out to the far corners of her mind. Did her brother change and turn away from his abusive behavior? Or did he still posses the vile demeanor that tormented Laura as a child?

My Courage to Tell unlocks the complex problems and misunderstandings associated with childhood psychological, and emotional abuse. Her story offers great hope to those healing from similar childhood traumas. Her insight and compassion provides a true-to-life story that offers hope and empowerment to her readers. This book is an emotionally gripping story that needs to be told. And deserves to be heard. Laura’s story is unforgettable, brilliant, and most importantly, courageous.

In the book Laura states, “I am a victim who turned into a survivor.” Anyone who reads her story will soon discover that she is far more than a survivor. She is a victim turned survivor turned advocate. She is not just surviving. Her story is one of advocacy. She shared her story with everyone in hopes to bring a heightened awareness with regard to the signs and long lasting effects of childhood psychological and emotional abuse, personality disorders, and mental illness.

Stories of abuse, such as Laura’s, are not easy stories to tell. A great amount of courage and strength is required to put pen to paper because she is not just writing about her experiences for her readers, she is reliving those experiences.

The strength and courage she displays in her work brought tears to my eyes. Not because I’m saddened by her story. Rather, her story brings me hope and inspiration.

Little Laura, it was a pleasure to meet you.

– Brown Eyes Princess

Twitter: @laura_corbeth 



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