Be Brave


When I think of bravery I think of the typical super heroes. The fighters, the winners. I think of those who are fearless. But, what I’ve recently learned is that bravery is not defined by fearlessness. Shocking, I know. Someone told me “bravery is not being fearless but, being fearful and doing it anyway. The exact opposite of what we typically think. Opposite of what we’ve been taught through the fairytales, the comics. All of it! I would have never considered myself brave based on the definition we grow up learning. Most of the time I feel like I’m consumed by anxiety, by fear! 

Fear is a tricky thing, like many of those four letter words…life…love. It’s many things, actually, it’s a motivator and at the same time an inhibitor, it’s an emotion, a feeling, a condition, a state of being. It can be based off of reality or based off of something the mind creates. It can be crippling. Okay, so yeah, it’s starting to make sense that it would be a lot harder to do something anyway while being fearful rather than doing it while being fearless. Think about it, think about all of the things you would do if you were fearless. Why? because it would be easier right? Without the burden of fear. Without that voice telling you no, talking you out of it, scaring you away from it. We would be unstoppable. 

Like most things, it’s easier said than done but, my challenge to you is not to stop being fearful. That’s an unrealistic goal. Fear is natural and inevitable, we will always fear the unknown, the things we are unsure of and thats ok. Instead, lets embrace the fear and just do it anyway. Just acknowledging that it’s there can help alleviate some of its anxiety producing side effects. More often than not we try to totally push it out. We try to block it in its entirety and just push through it or past it. However, when we do this, I think we are actually doing the opposite of what we are trying to accomplish. In trying to block it out and ignore it, we really let it consume us. When ignored, like many emotions or feelings, fear does a dark, dark thing. Behind the scenes it festers (which, by the way, is a word I hate. It’s just gross but, this situation deserves it) and when something festers the way fear does, eventually, it manifests itself in the worst of forms. 

Don’t ignore it but don’t let it consume you either. Instead, be brave. Do all thing things you would do if you had the ability to be completely fearless. Be brave and do it anyway with the fear tagging along in the background. Be in charge of your fear don’t let it be in charge of you. I don’t know about you but I don’t want to look back on my life and wonder why did I let fear win for so long. I want to look back and see that I overcame it. I want to see that I was brave. I want to see that I was able to just do it anyway, fear or no fear. We give too much power to that pesky four letter word. Change your perspective on it.

 Just do it anyway.

-Blue Eyed Princess


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  1. Hello Blue Eyed Princess,
    I really enjoyed reading this and found it very encouraging. Fear is a a weird thing, because our fears can be quite different and what is one person’s fear, can be someone else’s pleasure. Speaking in public is one example. A motivational speaker might love it, yet be afraid of something else like driving, heights etc.
    We have one funny family story. My grandmother and her sister used to go shopping together in a department store. One had a phobia of lifts and the other had a phobia of escalators. So, whenn they wanted to go up a level, they’d each go their own way and then meet up and continue shopping together. A funny story on one hand, but a bit of a concern re family anxiety levels.
    I have found the old Nike slogan of just do it, helps me lessen my fears. However, a do have a childhood phobia of false teeth and I’m still in full on avoidance mode there.
    xx Rowena

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    1. Hi Rowena,

      Thanks for sharing, I’m so glad you found it encouraging! I also am always having to tell myself to “just do it”. It’s funny because I think the anxiety leading up to whatever I am fearful of is worse than when I actually face the fear and just do it, but yet I go through the same routine every time! I don’t blame you on the false teeth fear. Some fears are healthy fears 😉

      -Blue Eyed Princess


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