I’m on a journey of self-discovery. And I hope you’ll follow my story. I’ve written about some devastating events that have occurred throughout my life and what I found was that revisiting or rehashing those painful memories did not heal my soul in the way I believed it would do so. Instead, I found myself... Continue Reading →

Since the day I was born, I was nothing but a burden to you. Those were your words. As a baby, you repeatedly said that you just wanted to throw me in the garbage. As I grew older, you just ignored me. When I fell down, you turned around. When I was raped over and... Continue Reading →

I’m currently sitting at the edge of my bathtub, with my feet soaking in the hot water, listening to Linkin Park’s One More Light. My heart and soul completely destroyed. Today was a hard day. No one truly knows the inner battle that’s going strong right now inside of me. _________________________________ “I’m dancing with my... Continue Reading →

I have always wanted a best friend. The kind that all the TV sitcoms and movies portrayed. You know, the ones that are best friends for life, like since birth? As I have gotten older, I realized that was unrealistic. However, every time I gained a new friend I jumped too fast. I was always... Continue Reading →

Living with Anxiety I have anxiety. Sometimes it is really bad and sometimes it is mild. Over time I’ve been learning how to deal with it. Not control it, but live with it. Will it ever go away? I’m not sure. Probably not. Like many emotions and feelings, I think it’s just part of being... Continue Reading →

In memory of Grammy. My Grammy was the most amazing person I have ever met in my life and I'm not sure I'll ever have the opportunity to meet anyone quite like her again. Unfortunately, as I grew up with a narcissist, an abuser, a terrorist rather. He did what textbook abusers/narcissists/terrorists do. He isolated... Continue Reading →

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