I have always wanted a best friend. The kind that all the TV sitcoms and movies portrayed. You know, the ones that are best friends for life, like since birth? As I have gotten older, I realized that was unrealistic. However, every time I gained a new friend I jumped too fast. I was always... Continue Reading →


Living with Anxiety I have anxiety. Sometimes it is really bad and sometimes it is mild. Over time I’ve been learning how to deal with it. Not control it, but live with it. Will it ever go away? I’m not sure. Probably not. Like many emotions and feelings, I think it’s just part of being... Continue Reading →

In memory of Grammy. My Grammy was the most amazing person I have ever met in my life and I'm not sure I'll ever have the opportunity to meet anyone quite like her again. Unfortunately, as I grew up with a narcissist, an abuser, a terrorist rather. He did what textbook abusers/narcissists/terrorists do. He isolated... Continue Reading →

As the distractions became less and less distracting, the anxiety (not even knowing what that was back then) would consume. It was a type so bad I remember being on the floor in fetal position, shaking and praying. Praying to God it would stop. Praying that he wouldn't hurt her this time. Sometimes even praying something... Continue Reading →

I grew up living with my mother and step-father and their 3 children, my half brother and half sisters. I know there is typically a stereotype with "step" in front of any family member, a bad stereotype, but you have no idea. From the outside it looked like we had a pretty great family. Both... Continue Reading →

I have a great memory. The kind of memory that remembers everything, but the most prominent things being random facts. One specific example of this was a time my dad and I visited a place I hadn't been to in 14 years and I was very young the last time I had. We passed by... Continue Reading →

It’s interesting what can inspire you or provoke your thoughts. I was at the grocery store earlier this week and when checking out I was asked a question. The same question that I always get when shopping at good ole HT, “Is plastic ok?” And, like always, I quickly nodded my head yes, without thinking,... Continue Reading →

Bravery.  When I think of bravery I think of the typical super heroes. The fighters, the winners. I think of those who are fearless. But, what I’ve recently learned is that bravery is not defined by fearlessness. Shocking, I know. Someone told me "bravery is not being fearless but, being fearful and doing it anyway.... Continue Reading →

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